Pictures from the exhibition
RUSE ART GALLERY, Ruse 7000, 39, Borisova Strasse, BULGARIEN
... particular attention should be drawn to the aesthetical properties of gold and silver, which make them the natural material for pomp, ornament, glamour, the requirements of festive occasions, in short, the positive expression of supra abundance and wealth. They appear, so to speak, as solidified light raised from a subterranean world, since all the rays of light in their original composition are reflected by silver, while RED alone, the colour of the highest potency, is reflected by gold. Sense of colour, moreover, is the most popular form of aesthetic perception in general ...
OPENING: 4.11.2014, 17:30 Uhr

DURATION: 05.11. - 28.11.2014
The text quoted earlier on is taken from Karl Marx`s "Critique of Political Economy". This text, written in 1859, quasi intended as a preliminary study to "Capital" (1867), does not deal with aesthetic reflexions as its content might suggest, but with the genesis of the ideal equivalent of goods: money as a good. Another short extract from the same chapter shall clarify this:
"Finally the fact that it is possible to transform gold and silver from coin into bullion, from bullion into articles of luxury and vice versa, the advantage they have over other commodities of not being confined to the particular useful form they have once been given makes them the natural material for money, which must constantly change from one form into another.
Nature no more produces money than it does bankers or a rate of exchange. But since in bourgeois production, wealth as a fetish must be crystallised in a particular substance, gold and silver are its appropriate embodiment. Gold and silver are not by nature money, but money consists by its nature of gold and silver."

The way in which the participating artists have reacted to the theme in their individual works can be seen in this exhibition. Among them are sound and video objects as well as ONLY-objects, postcards and envelopes in drawn, collaged as well as painted forms, concept works and paintings.
Steps of theRED:
1. 1. MAG3, Schiffamtsgasse 17, A 1020 Vienna, AUSTRIA (03.04.-30.04.2013)

2. LISI HÄMMERLE GALLERY, Anton-Schneiderstr. 4a, A 6900 Bregenz (02.03.-30.03.2014)

3. RUSE ART GALLERY, Ruse 7000, 39, Borisova Street, BULGARIA (05.11.-28.12.2014)

4. projectroom MAG3 (as installation / + presentation of documentation: March 2015)