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OPENING: TUESDAY JUNE 8, 2021, 4:00 PM  8:00 PM

* 6:30 PM * Preface: Gue SCHMIDT

* 6:45 PM * Peter ZAWREL in conversation with Herwig STEINER

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What are we? Are we the way we are reflected by our surroundings? That is to say, would we be different if we were in different contexts? We are least of all what we believe to be. Or even, what has been transferred from this belief into a habit that rushes ahead and makes us perform every day. Only sketches, sophisticated stagings; perhaps there is no such thing as a self? Our consciousness, our conscousnesses (or should we stick to the mandatory singular; is there only a single one?) are diligent creators of signs.

In their abundance, signs indistinctly sediment shapes that resemble landscapes, like ruins of utterance which appear to have collapsed under the burden of their overgrowth while trying to draw a picture. If it was possible to take a step back, they would remain shrouded in mist and would not reveal a clear view. They only pretend to do so. Since it is well known that whoever is trying to analyse these phenomena continues in the criticised, surrogate and equalising, in any case deficient manner. In this way, paradoxes are created (which will be elaborated on later in this text). It seems at first sight that there is no egress for us, which is why I am not interested in the academic semiotics. Self-reflections will never be successful.

From: Herwig Steiner (1956L) / The art of the dummy/ Passagenverlag Vienna 2019 / p.47
Herwig Steiner (1956L)

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