SHAKING SPACE - Stability is an Illusion.

Opening: Tuesday, 1st September 2020, 7p.m.

in the presence of the artist Susken ROSENTHAL and the curators Gue SCHMIDT [project room MAG3] and Georg WECKWERTH [TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien].

Preface: Gue SCHMIDT [project room MAG3]

Introduction: Dr. Claudia MONGINI

Duration: 1st September - 27th September 2020
OPENING TIMES: TUE - FRI: 5:00-8:00 P.M.


Shaking space is a statement on the feeling of uncertainty that fits our time.
The space installation Shaking space causes the project room MAG3 to sway. The rooms rectangularity and statics are set aside.
MAG3 means, so to speak, space/volume = area to the power of 3. The room is 9 metres long, 4.6 metres wide and 4.7 metres high, thus it is a long cuboid made up of two cubes. A wooden construction has been inserted in this space which takes up its whole volume.
The edges of the room are traced by means of a fragile frame of black, grey and white slats. The setting seems improvised and fragile as if in a state of disintegration.

The spatial directions only vaguely indicate the room. Like in a sketch, some parallel lines tentatively describe the body but do not define it exactly. The repetition of lines evokes the impression of vibration. The simultaneity of different phases of one movement seems to topple the spatial construction.

The room gets stuck between statics and dynamics. The close relation between installation and the actual space is disconcerting. The spectators spatial orientation and equilibrium are irritated. Does the construction (still) uphold the room or is the whole setting shaking?

A cooperation between project room MAG3 and TONSPUR Kunstverein Vienna.

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