In this installation, two fundamental elements of sculptural design are brought to attention - on the one hand, the horizontal, and on the other hand, the vertical. The horizontal principle in this exhibition is assigned to statics, the vertical to dynamics. The sculpture that emerges from this mixture before the eyes of the viewer (from the Latin sculpere to carve, chisel) is a three-dimensional work, usually by removing or applying material such as wood or stone, in this case with other materials..

Friedrich TOMBERG: From the Installation of Art to the Art of Installation with Gue Schmidt. From: An attempt at orientation in the postmodern art business (Berlin 2012)
[...] In the meantime, installations have become normal­ in the art world. It is still difficult to resist the tendency to regard them as permanently displayed works of art. They are social and it is fair to say stand-in political undertakings. As a rule, they stir up everyday consciousness in order to let it sink again right away into the swamp of futility. An initiation leading to action cannot arise from this. It presupposes the breakthrough from traditions that ignore the future to a progressive global citizen awareness. This cannot be obtained from pure sensory perception, yet it cannot be obtained without it either. Both currents in modern art that Arnold Gehlen identifies, the visual and the verbal, are still essential to modern art, but they have to be combined into one. [...]

OPENING: FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2024, 7:00 p.m
Foreword: Gue SCHMIDT (projektraumMAG3)
About the exhibition: Peter ZAWREL (cultural scientist, Vienna)
Music for the action/performance: Clementine GASSER, 5-string violoncello

DURATION + TIMES: May 17th  June 13th, 2024 | TUE - FRI, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
* Related to the title of a work by Claude Debussy.

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