Exhibition and Installation
OPENING: Tuesday APRIL 12, 2022, 7:00 PM

Preface: Gue SCHMIDT (project room MAG3)

To the artist: Claudia PRUTSCHER. (Vice-President, Jewish Community Vienna)

Duration: 12.04.- 06.05.2022
Opening Hours: Tues. - Fri., 5:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
Graphic and painterly elements (2001+2021) discuss the handling of memory culture while other works (2016-19+2021/22) refer to the consequences of the pandemic and global warming. ECHAD (Hebrew) means in German "one, unity" or "together" and refers to a central image installation in the project room MAG3.

It's about everyday snapshots and questioning unexpected challenges. Dealing with fine arts in theory and practice is an extended life experience. Personal development depends on various factors. How does a post-capitalist society actually define success? Numerous circumstances require autonomous action and a concentration on available resources in special phases. A similar project with notes and sketches is the basis for the question of how and whether the content value of a concept takes shape. Languages consist of expressive structures of thought and can convey perspectives in different ways.

The German art historian Aby Warburg (18661929) mentioned in 1920 the term "thinking space" in his research on pagan-ancient prophecies in images and texts. In 1926 he wrote in his diary "loss of thinking space" and "restitution of the thinking space".

The project entitled Lamrot Hakol (Hebrew)/ "Despite Everything", illustrates an examination of the interiors of historical synagogues, the Schoa and contemporary culture from Israel. Documentaries, films, literature and songs make it possible to reconstruct the fear, the powerlessness and hope. Why is a deeper understanding necessary? Living in the present entails setbacks for almost everyone; the persecution and violence in the past have not been forgotten. The right to freedom and equality is put into perspective by new threats. In society, interplay between defensive and offensive reactions arises. The individual words used in the project like Echad/Unity, Derech/ Path, Aretz/Country and Schalom/Peace are also synonyms for Thought.

When the balance is lost in humans and in nature, the psyche and the earth dry up. The longer a destructive process lasts, the more losers there are. Nature has just as much a right to climate protection as the individual has to respect human rights. There are no privileges - for anyone. Those who think they can evade responsibility through arrogance will have nothing when the time comes. A necessary approach is participation and mindfulness in the use of resources on this planet: We are many selves, independent of ethnic and religious affiliation and taking into account an obvious diversity in the 21st century. Respecting, communicating and living in the present are inescapable challenges for everyone.

ECHAD, the title of the exhibition is, among others, intended to point at the fact that after two years of pandemic society in Middle Europe is still in turmoil and not on the move.

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